PIXELSEX brings literally the mathematical self organization principle of cellular automata to the point: Complex patterns might result just by the local interaction of pixels with their neighbouring pixels according to simple rules.
In 2005/2006 Tim Otto Roth realized in collaboration with the biomodelling group at TU Dresden the first large scale PIXELSEX project animating literally the light wall at the KPN Telecom Tower in Rotterdam. In further related projects the artist has explored how the PIXELSEX principle can be applied for instance to develop a new grammar to relate colours as in Coloursex or Chromology. The Music of Life even applies the principle to interacting musician of a choir or a string orchestra. A recent derivate is the Sonapticon which combines neuronal self-organization with acoustics in space. Aura calculata is a permanent sound installation based on cellular automata inaugurated in spring 2015 at the Lehmann Centre at TU Dresden. A year later premiered an organ version of aura calculata based on changing water levels in organ pipes.