A New Kind of Science - A New Kind of Music?

2d-automata used especially for sound synthesis

Chaosynth uses CA for granular synthesis to define acitities of granulars

Camus is based a.o. on the game of live

atari based surface of camus

einführende Literatur zu Chaosynth & Camus:

Miranda, E. R. Evolving Cellular Automata Music: From Sound Synthesis to Composition. Proceedings of the Workshop on Artificial Life Models for Musical Applications - ECAL 2001, September 2001. Prague University of Economics

2d-automata used especially for rythm machines

NEWSCOOL - Unique Rhythm Machine using CA

invasive plant population model used by Matt Gilbert for music generation with MAX/DSP

Game of Sound, student project at ZHdK Zürich

1d-auotomata for creation of serial pattern of tones:

Wolfram Tones - compositions suit with a wild field of variations to create online music based on 1d-ca's

site with Java-based CA music introducing jestingly as componist Automatous Monk

CA based music by John Elliott

Cellular automata and music Java-based solution based on 1-d-patterns(IBM)

Cellular Automata Music in Basic

Furthter Compositions:

Bernhard Lang: „DW 12 - Cellular Automata“, 2003 (piano solo, 28')

press feedback on Heather O'Donnells interpretation on the Eclat-Festival, Stuttgart January 2005 (U.A.)

Stuttgarter Zeitung: "Zum Höhepunkt des Konzert geriet O'Donnells fulminante Interpretation von Bernhard Langs Klavierstudie "DW 12 cellular Automata", einer kontrastreichen Folge von pianistisch anspruchsvollen Sätzen, die mal vital nach Oscar Peterson, repetitiv nach Steve Reich, mal duftig beredt, selbstvergessen melancholisch oder silbern grazil nach Debussy klingen, aber bei allem Zitathaften immer ihre eigene Tonsprache wahren."

Reutlinger Generalanzeiger: "With its rotating patterns, it turned out to be a technical bravura piece that brought the interpreter downright enthusiastic "Bravos" at the end. [...] On the one hand, the tirelessly circling sounds had the effect of producing a machine-like structure, as if generated by a computer, as the demonstratively musical performance of O'Donnell showed ad absurdum. And on the other hand, her keyboard acrobatics conjured up the remembrance of the golden age of great virtuosos, in that the totality is not permitted to flow towards an emotional exuberance, instead kept in check by a cool rotation, calculated motions. A clever and subtle conflict with the musical tradition and as such absolutely at the height of timeliness."

Visual programming in Max/Msp:

Life Tools (1d,2d,3d) for MaxMSP by Bill Vorn


Simulation der CO-Oxidation in einem Katalysator verwandt für ein Plugin des MP3-Player XMMS

collection: Tim Otto Roth
September 07